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Sleeping woman drives 200 miles, sends text messages

By Mason White 9:44 AM August 19, 2013
Woman sleeping behind the wheel illustration 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A woman drove 200 miles and sent several text messages despite the fact that she was asleep, according to police reports in New Zealand.

New Zealand Police said that a driver fell asleep at the wheel, and still managed to drive 200 miles while sending text messages from her mobile phone.

The police received an emergency call in the middle of the night from a woman, who was worried about her friend after she went out for a drive despite taking sleep medication.

She was found after driving for five hours, and 190 miles away from her home.
The woman had stopped the vehicle at the entrance of her old house, and had no memory of the drive.

The police, who used her mobile phone to track her down, saw that she was texting throughout the drive.
Surprisingly, this is not her first overnight trip as the woman was found asleep while driving to the beach, ten months ago.

“We have sought an emergency order prohibiting the woman from driving, and an order for her to seek medical advice about her suitability to remain a holder of a driver’s license,” Chief Sergeant David Litton said.
He added that the incident could have been disastrous for the woman and others.

“Despite her being found alive, the potential for tragedy was enormous. We are urging people with medical conditions to be open and honest,” he added.