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Canadian construction worker thankful to Hatzolah after being provided emergency care

By Mason White 1:53 PM August 19, 2013
Hatzolah helping non-Jewish construction worker
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By: David Ross
A construction worker expressed his gratitude for Hatzolah after several emergency workers provided him with first aid despite the fact that he is not Jewish, according to a report by

The construction team is thanking the volunteer force after Montreal Hatzolah tended to one of them, who was wounded during construction work. Hatzolah tended to the wounds of the man until the local emergency services arrived even though the victim was not Jewish.

The injury occurred when the worker slipped and fell during construction of a new Viznitz Synagogue in Montreal. Coworkers immediately called police and waited for help to arrive.

An Orthodox Jewish passerby noticed the wounded man, and called Hatzolah, who arrived within minutes, and administered first aid until police arrived. Police arrived at the scene more than twenty minutes after the initial call.

Hatzolah was initially formed in Brooklyn, New York, after the local Jewish community was frustrated of the amount of time it took for local authorities to arrive during an emergency. The organization has since branched out to many countries around the world.