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Adolf Hitler golf course sparks anger worldwide after video goes viral

By Mason White 2:46 PM August 19, 2013
Hitler golf course 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A video showing a mini golf course adorned with a statue of Adolf Hitler has gone viral on the internet.

The crazy golf course set up in the United Kingdom has sparked fury after a hole with a model of Adolf Hitler was seen on video giving a Nazi salute.

The Fuhrer model shouting “nein nein nein” also raises its arm up when players hit a ball through a tunnel.

The golf course is part of an exhibition called Doug Fishbone and Friends: Adventureland Golf, nine holes with strange and extravagant models, including one of Saddam Hussein.

The course was designed by top British artists, including Jake and Dinos Chapman, David Shrigley, Gary Webb, and Doug Fishbone.
Visitors can see the exhibits for free at the Derby’s Art Center, but if they choose to play golf there is a fee of two pounds.

The makers of the exhibition said that their aim was to ridicule the two dictators and to encourage discussions.
The course has been in Blackpool, Berwick and Bristol, and will be in Derby for sixteen days.

Michael Samuels, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, slammed the Hitler model, describing it as “absolutely no artistic value whatsoever.”

A resident of Derby, said: “As someone who lost family members in the two conflicts, I consider this grossly offensive. If this is art, then, frankly, it would be better off without Hitler.”