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Cat blamed for stealing female neighbors’ underwear

By Mason White 3:54 AM August 20, 2013
Norris the cat 

By: Moses Gold
Owners of a naughty cat in the United Kingdom, blamed their pet for stealing from neighbors.

The owners of the cat have now offered an apology to their neighbors, and have also offered to return the stolen items.

Norris, a 2-year-old tabby cat, has brought home bits of food, dish cloths, dust cloths and mitts, during his travels around the area of ​​North Street in Bedminster, Bristol.

More recently, the cat began to bring home sports bras, support pants, sweaters, shirts, pants and even a bath mat. These are in addition to half of a pizza, a tube, unopened pasta sauce and a frank.

If the items were too large to get through the cat door at home, Norris left them on the canvas in the back garden. The owners, Richard and Sophie Windsor, believe Norris was taking elements from washing lines and have now written to their neighbors to apologize.

They said that at first it was fun, but the habit recently has intensified and now have a growing pile of stolen goods that need to get back to the good people of Bedminster. We have a wide range of shirts, sweaters, slippers, socks, kitchen gloves, bath mats and boxers.

“So far we have been able to return several items to their owners, including a set of towels, oven gloves, a bath mat, baby clothes and some running gears. Fortunately, all our neighbors have been very kind about it and thought it was funny,” Richard Windsor, 26, a graphic designer, said.