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Thieves return 12,000 stolen yellow golf balls

By Mason White 9:45 AM August 20, 2013
The distinctive golf balls 

By: David Ross
A group of thieves decided that they want to repent and returned thousands of stolen golf balls.

Police in Spain said that 12,000 golf balls, worth around 10,000 euros was taken from the Las Rejas golf club in Benidorm, Spain, two month ago.

The golf club said in a statement that staff members, who arrived one morning found a lock on a box where the balls were stored, completely broken, and all the balls were missing.

Despite reporting the crime to the police, there was no sign of the missing balls until last Sunday, when club members discovered that there were some men who were selling golf balls that were identical to the stolen balls, in the nearby town of Polop de La Marina, Alicante.

The distinctive yellow balls were marked Srixon Volvo with black letters.
National Police in Benidorm followed up on a tip and reported the incident to their local counterparts in Polop.

Club staff members also went to the area to check out the balls and tell the illegal vendors that they will be prosecuted for theft.

On Wednesday morning, to their amazement, they found bags full of golf balls in the club’s parking lot.
Attached was a note that read: “Sorry. We apologize for what we did. We are returning the balls. Anonymous.”
The club said that not all of the 12,000 balls had been returned, but it was good enough.