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Texas kindergarten teacher jailed after ordering students to whack bully

By Mason White 4:04 AM August 21, 2013
Cynthia Ambrose 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A teacher was arrested, charged and convicted after ordering her students to assault the class bully, according to court proceedings in Texas.

Now, the judge in the case has sentence the teacher to jail.
A former Judson teacher was sentenced on Tuesday to two years probation with 30 days in jail.

District Judge Sid Harle said he wanted to make sure that Cynthia Ambrose, 44, won’t be teaching for two years. The probation term was the maximum allowed under the law.

The judge was upset to learn that Ambrose faced only one-year suspension by the Texas Education Agency. The judge also allowed the woman to serve her prison sentence in work release or to check into the Bexar County Jail on weekends. Ambrose cried when she was handcuffed and became ill while waiting in the jury box.

“This is absolutely a parent’s worst nightmare,” the judge said. “They send their children to school and trusted them with you,” he also said.

Ambrose, a former kindergarten teacher at Salinas Elementary School, was found guilty of misdemeanor charge after telling her students to show 6-year-old Aiden Neely “how it feels to be bullied” by hitting him.

Ambrose tearfully told the judge that she is really a good person. “I hope and pray that all parties involved find peace,” she said.

“This was not really a case of bullying as portrayed in the media. This was really a case of child abuse,” Patrick Ballantyne, the state prosecutor, said.

He said more than 20 students in her class were victims too, because they learned the wrong lesson.
“They learned to use violence with more violence. Eye for an eye,” Ballantyne said.