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Man calls police after getting locked inside forest, gets arrested for cocaine possession

By Mason White 11:17 AM August 21, 2013
Christopher A. Pilarski 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A man called police for help despite the fact that he was in possession of illegal drugs, according to police reports in Illinois.

Will County Police said that a man carrying cocaine in his car ended up calling the police on Thursday night in a forest reserve.

Will County Forest Preserve Lieutenant Tracy Phillips said an officer drove through the Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve before closing the door at night and did not see any vehicles inside.

However, around 8:30 pm, sheriff’s police said Christopher A. Pilarski, 38, had called to ask if someone could open the door for his blue Dodge Durango because he was locked inside, according to Phillips.

“The officer asked Pilarski where he had been and he admitted he was driving on the trails,” Phillips said.
Motor vehicles are not allowed on the trails, but a ticket may seem to be the least of Pilarski’s concerns.

“The officer was given consent to search the vehicle and he found a bag containing 19.6 grams of cocaine under the music console,” Phillips said.

Pilarski, of 653 Melrose Lane in Beecher, was arrested on a charge of drug possession and was booked into the county jail.