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Police officer seen on video escorting group of ducks on highway

By Mason White 11:42 AM August 21, 2013
Police officer escorting ducks 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A video that shows a police officer providing an escort for a group of ducks walking along a highway has gone viral on the internet.

The video shows how one police officer escorts 50 wild ducks walking along on the side of a busy road in Surrey, United Kingdom.

The ducks were recorded by a traveler, who happened to drive along the A3 highway in Milford. The man is heard laughing on the video.

The incident caused major traffic delays, angering those who traveled through the area.
“The traffic problems near my hometown this morning was caused by ducks on the run,” one commuter complained.

The ducks were first spotted near the Eashing Moor Copse area of woodland and the River Wey.
A spokesperson for the Surrey Police confirmed that the force had received a call from a concerned driver at 7:19 am on Thursday morning, and that an officer was sent to the flock of birds in order to get them to safety.

“A police officer responded and found about 50 young ducks walking along the road,” a police spokesperson said.
“With the help of a local resident and a little corn, the ducks were taken to a safe place in a nearby shed. Attempts are being made to locate the owner of the birds,” the spokesperson also said.

The A3 is one of the main busy roads connecting London and Portsmouth, while Milford is a large village, southwest of Godalming.