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Terrorists seen on video firing at Israeli soldiers

By Mason White 2:11 PM August 21, 2013
Israeli military vehicle damaged by bullets 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A group of terrorists were seen on video firing at Israeli soldiers, according to a report by the IDF blog.

In the course of a joint IDF and Israel Border Police operational activity in Jenin, in which security forces sought to arrest a terror suspect, a violent riot developed, during which terrorists fired at and threw incendiary devices, improvised grenades and rocks at the security forces. Two soldiers were injured as a result.

The IDF force returned fire at the source of the shooting and according to reports one terrorist was killed and two were lightly injured. A suspect was arrested and transferred to security forces for questioning.

IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai:

“The forces, from the Kfir and Nahal Infantry Brigades and the Israel Border Police, were facing an ongoing riot. I don’t want to call it a riot, it’s simply terrorism, a very violent confrontation, that included more than two hours of continuous shooting at our forces.”

The Spokesperson emphasized that the forces were operating within the framework of arresting of terror suspects, and that these arrests are a critical tool that enables the IDF to “stop terror before it develops. Arrests such as these are an ongoing process that allows for the security of the residents of Israel and Judea and Samaria.”

During the course of the night, IDF forces arrested seven terror suspects in Judea and Samaria. All suspects were taken to security forces for questioning.

The IDF will continue to act against terror in any place whenever necessary.