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Palestinian who hacked Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account receives $11,000

By Mason White 5:02 PM August 22, 2013
Khalil Shreateh 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A Palestinian man in the West Bank, who recently made headlines for hacking into Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account, received more than $11,000 which was raised on an internet page.

Internet users have raised over $11,000 in order to reward the Palestinian security researcher, who broke into the Facebook page belonging to Mark Zuckerberg, in the name of exposing a security flaw.

The fundraising campaign on the website GoFundMe raised $11,035.00 from 178 people in just one day for Khalil Shreateh and is still collecting donations after he was denied a so-called “Facebook Bounty.”

“I hope this has raised awareness of the importance of independent researchers,” Marc Maiffret, a security expert, said.
“I also hope that other researchers take note that while working with technology companies can sometimes be frustrating, they cannot forget the greater goal of helping the Internet community in general,” he said.

While Facebook offers rewards to those who find security holes, the company said Shreateh went too far by posting the information on the profile page of Zuckerberg without consent.

Shreateh said in his blog that he found a way for a Facebook user to bypass security and modify the timeline of others, even if they were not friends of the network.

He said he took the unusual step of hacking into Zuckerberg’s profile after being ignored by the Facebook security team.