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Several horses caught on video running on busy Israeli highway

By Mason White 5:31 PM August 22, 2013
The horses running on highway 431 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) Several drivers reported seeing horses running along a busy Israeli highway, according to a video uploaded on Channel 2 News.

The strange sight was seen this morning by drivers on highway 431 on their way to Jerusalem. They reported seeing three horses galloping for several miles along the side of the road, without riders and without direction. The horses caused traffic to get backed up as drivers slowed down to catch a look while others feared to drive near the horses.

“I was driving to Jerusalem when I suddenly realized the traffic slowing down. When I got closer to the scene of the incident, I realized that there were horses on the road. I looked around to see if their owners were nearby, but I did not see anyone. The horses did not cause any harm. The kept nicely in their lane,” Eran Vaknin, who was driving to work, said.
Traffic on highway 431 slowed mainly because drivers wanted to record the incident on their mobile phones.

Police officer Anat Ben-Yaakov, who arrived at the scene, said that a great effort was made to get the horses off the road. “In the end we managed to get them off the road, all the horses. We also discovered that two of them were injured. We handed the horses over to the Ministry of Agriculture,” Ben-Yaakov said.