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Man calls police to ask for ride in rainy weather, gets it

By Mason White 7:52 PM August 24, 2013
London police car 

By: Eva Fett
A man was shocked after police gave him a free ride because he got stuck in the rain, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

London Police said that a father called 999, which is the phone number of the police, to ask police to take home because he got stranded in rainy weather.

The incident took place in Shoreham, West Sussex on Sunday.

A London Police spokesperson wrote on Facebook: “At 12:16 am, a man dialed 999 because it was raining and wanted a hitch home. The man threatened to complain to the Police Complaints Commission when he was told no.”

However, a police car eventually gave him a lift, a spokesperson for Sussex Police said. “The man had small children with him,” the spokesperson said.

“They left him where he was able to wait for a bus or taxi,” the spokesperson also said. “It is clear that 999 is for public use, in emergencies only,” the spokesperson warned.

A local street pastor, Ian Chisnall, praised the good action, saying that the police “deserves a gold star.”
An anonymous official of the Sussex Police said: “This is not why people should call 999. He was lucky that he was not arrested for misusing the police telephone system.”