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Homeowners find bag full of cash outside their door in York

By Mason White 11:31 AM August 25, 2013
Garbage ban inside bin illustration 

By: David Ross
Homeowners were shocked to find a bag loaded with thousands of pounds in cash outside their house, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

York Police said that a garbage bag full of money was found on the doorstep of a house.

The owners went outside their home in order to put the garbage bins out when they found the bag full of money. The homeowners handed the bag over to the police.

Officials are now trying to find out from where the bag came from.
Although police have not revealed the exact amount of money in the bag, they did say that it contained thousands of pounds.

Police are now asking the public for help in solving the mystery.
Detective Inspector Andrea Kell of the York Police Department said: “This is a very unusual finding that remains unexplained and we would like to know where the money came from and rule out any criminal connection.”