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Parrot seen steering wheel of farm machine for 20 minutes

By Mason White 12:25 PM August 25, 2013
Bird driving farm machine 

By: John Roberts
A parrot in the United Kingdom showed how it could drive home on its own, according to photos uploaded to the internet.

The hungry and dehydrated bird, which was picked up by two farmers in Suffolk, surprised its saviors when it took the wheel of the farming machine and drove them home without help for 20 minutes.

The bird was found by Mark Wells and Andrew Barber, both 40-years-old, who work at the George E Gittus & Sons farm in Bury St. Edmunds.

While working with the wheat crop, Wells and Barber saw a flash of color in the field, so they jumped off their machine in order to investigate. That is when they found the bird.

After believing that the exotic bird was a lost pet, the farmers decided to take it back with them with the hope that they could trace its owner.

What they did not expect, however, was to see the colorful bird grasp the wheel with its beak and directing the Claas Lexion 600 in the field for 20 minutes before reaching their truck.

“It’s pretty rare to find a bird like that just jumping around a field in England, but finding a bird that can drive a combine that is crazy,” Georgie Wells, who is Mark’s wife, said. “It was incredible,” she said.

Workers nicknamed the parrot Rio, whom they described as a “natural operator”.
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