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Man jailed after giving out business cards advertising his former girlfriend as prostitute

By Mason White 5:34 AM August 26, 2013
Lee Childs 

By: Shifra Unger
A man was arrested, charged and convicted after distributing business cards in which his former girlfriend was advertised as a prostitute, according to court proceedings in the United Kingdom.

Now, the man has been sentenced to jail.

Prosecutors said that a vindictive Northampton graphic designer, who was found with a 14-inch machete in his car, has been jailed after he handed flyers advertising adult services containing the address of his former partner.

Lee Childs of Thomas Chapman Grove, Southbridge, was sentenced to five months in prison by the Harrow Crown Court on Friday. The man was also slapped with a five-year restraining order.

Childs was arrested in December 2012 after police searched his business premises in Northampton and his home, after allegations of harassment were made by his former partner.

Police said the victim, described as a professional businesswoman, contacted the Harrow Police Department after discovering that malicious cards had been printed in her name containing her address, phone number and photo.

It advertised massage and adult services. It also encouraged night visits to her home.
The cards were also left at the doors of her neighbors and placed in telephone boxes near her home.
The victim began receiving “disturbing adult natured calls” and visits to her home, during the day and night by strange men.

The cards were also sent to the principal of her children’s school along with a letter saying they it had been found attached to trees near the school.

Childs also sent emails and tried to contact the victim through various social networking sites, despite being asked not to, after she ended her two-year relationship in July 2012.

He also created fake profiles on social networking sites using fictitious names in an attempt to contact her.
Childs also made a malicious report saying that the victim was a drug user, drank heavily, and was unfit to be a mother. He said that she had gone on holiday leaving her three children home alone.

The police said that all the allegations were “vindictive” and “completely false”.
When officers searched his property they seized computer equipment and a 14-inch machete hidden in his car.
Childs was subsequently charged with the crimes in April. He was convicted of producing and distributing the offensive cards.

Detective Janine Stevenson, who led the investigation, said: “Childs harassment against the woman was relentless. The victim and her young children were subjected to many months of worry and fear for their personal safety. I’m very happy to see that justice has been done and the sentence is expected to be a deterrent to anyone else, who decides to embark on this type of spiteful behavior.”