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Woman gives birth inside nurse office of elementary school

By Mason White 12:01 PM August 26, 2013
Natasha Richardson and Marie Lys Colin 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A baby did not want to wait until her mother arrived in the hospital and was born inside her brother’s school, according to police reports in Florida.

Miramar police officer Natasha Richardson said that on Thursday afternoon, a mother, who was nine months pregnant, began to moan at the principal’s office of Fairway Elementary School.

Richardson along with the health technician of the school quickly called an ambulance, which arrived a few minutes later.
However, by then, Richardson, who is assigned as Fairway’s school resource officer, had guided the mother through childbirth.
“It was like 1-2-3,” Richardson said. “The water broke, the head came out, and the baby followed,” she said.

The super fast birth occurred in the school clinic room, which is where school employees brought the woman after noticing her repeated cries as she clung to her waist. The mother was there to pick up her 7-year-old son, who attends Fairway.

The task was complicated by the language barrier as the mother speaks a limited English. An interpreter, who speaks Haitian, was rushed to the scene, and she delivered the message of paramount importance, “Push”.

With Richardson cradling the little girl’s head, a single push was enough. Richardson was immediately concerned because the baby was not crying, and the ambulance had not yet arrived.

Richardson, who has given birth herself to a daughter, who is now a teenager, knew that she needs to clear mucus from the nose and the baby’s chest. However, she could not remember the appropriate medical device to use, so Robinson asked for “something soft”.

The school had none.
Richardson tilted the girl and patted her back. Then used her finger to clear the airways of the baby’s mouth.

Shortly thereafter, Fire workers arrived and the umbilical cord was cut. The baby finally let out a little cry and was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood with her mother, whose name was not released.

Richardson visited the hospital where she saw the mother and daughter doing fine.
“She was very surprised to see me, she was very happy,” Richardson said. “She gave me a big hug,” she said.

The baby was named Maybelle Colin Sainvilus. The mother was later identified as Marie Lys Colin.