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Two men marry one woman after she couldn’t choose one

By Mason White 5:36 AM August 27, 2013
One of the men with the woman’s children 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A woman is now married to two men because she couldn’t choose just one of them.

The two men have decided to agree to marry the same woman after she refused to choose between them.

Sylvester Mwendwa and Elijah Kimani, both of Kenya, settled their differences after discovering that both of them had been unknowingly seeing the same woman for more than four years.

However, rather than getting angry and dumping the woman, they agreed to a rotation system in which they get to see their woman on different days.

They will also have to live in the house of the unnamed woman located in Mombasa County and act as a father to her two children, and anyone else she gives birth to.

“We have agreed that from today we will not threaten or have feelings of jealousy because of our wife, who said she is not willing to drop any of us,” the written contract the men have agreed to states.

“Everyone will respect the day reserved for him. We agree to love and live in peace. Nobody forced us to do this deal,” the document states.

Marrying more than one man is not a crime in the east African country, as long as you can show polyandry is part of your custom.