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Woman reunited with her stolen bike after stealing it from thief

By Mason White 10:07 AM August 28, 2013
Kayla Smith 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A woman managed to recover her stolen bike by stealing it from the thief.

The Canadian woman reported the theft to the police, but decided to take action herself when a friend saw the bike advertised on Craigslist the next day.

Posing as a potential buyer, the Vancouver woman agreed to meet the thief at a McDonald’s and asked the thief if she could take the bike for a test drive.

“I asked the guy if I could take the bike for a drive around the parking lot. He was worried and said: ‘Yes, but do not take off.’ I told him not to worry, and that I would not even think about it! My heart was pounding and I had no idea what to do, so I went to the bike and was like, ‘F*** this guy,’ and I started driving away. While I was riding away, I called my friend, who drove me to the place, as backup. I drove over to the next parking lot, and got into the car. We saw the man beginning to look for me, but suddenly, he got super freaked out and just ran,” the woman wrote on Reddit.

The victim was able to find the details of the suspected thief, including his phone number from Craigslist. The information has been given over to the police and the Canadian Association of Crime Stoppers. The woman was later identified as Kayla Smith.