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Shark leaves seriously injured victim with souvenir tooth

By Mason White 11:10 AM August 29, 2013
Riley Breihan 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A little girl is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a violent shark, according to emergency workers in Florida.

An 11-year-old, who survived a shark attack in Daytona, Florida, will always have a memory of her encounter with the shark.

Riley Breihan was swimming in the water in WinterHaven Park in Ponce Inlet on Sunday, when she felt something biting her leg.

“At first, I was not thinking about the pain, I was thinking that I got bitten by a shark and I have to go to the emergency room,” the girl said. “Then I felt the sting and it hurt really bad,” she said.

Riley was bit twice, once in the leg and once in the ankle. Two strangers, who witnessed the incident, quickly wrapped her leg in a towel and took her to the hospital, where she is expected to recover fully.

As doctors were checking her wounds, they found a shark tooth in one of the bites.

Riley said that although she will keep the tooth as a souvenir she has no plans of getting back into the water.

“I do not think I’d go back in the water ever,” she said.