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Man diagnosed with chronic lateness disease

By Mason White 11:52 AM August 29, 2013
Jim Dunbar 

By: Eva Fett
Instead of admitting that he is just too lazy to show up on time for appointments, one man blames his chronic lateness on a disease.

Jim Dunbar recently made ​​plans to see a movie at 7:00 pm with a friend. Dunbar was 20 minutes late despite the fact that he had 11 hours to prepare for his date. Dunbar suffers from chronic lateness.

The condition that affects the man is more than just simple poor time management skills. Scientists believe that the brain function that controls his timekeeping is defected. Dunbar missed dates with numerous women, sneaked into funerals late, and was constantly late to school since he was five-years-old.

“I understand that it bothers other people when I arrive late,” Dunbar said, noting that the day he had planned to watch a movie at 7:00 pm, he woke up at 8:15 am in preparation for being on time. “My family thinks I’m just making excuses,” he said.

The silver lining for the 57-year-old, is that he can blame it on a disease. He spent his whole life thinking it was a defect in his personality and character, but his recent diagnosis has shown the contrary. Of course, on the day he was scheduled to receive his diagnosis, he appeared 20 minutes late to the appointment.

“It’s depressing at times,” he said. “I cannot overstate how much it helped me to know that I was suffering from a condition,” he also said.