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2 Nigerians arrested after planning to attack Israelis and Chabad Lubavitch center

By Mason White 4:25 PM August 29, 2013
Terrorist training camp illustration 

By: Eva Fett
2 men were arrested and charged with terrorism related charges after planning to attack Israelis, according to police reports in Nigeria.

Nigeria Police charged two of its citizens on Wednesday with assisting an Iranian extremist cell with planning attacks against Israeli targets. Police also said that the two had traveled to Tehran and Dubai in order to pick up cash and had managed to spy on Israelis.

The Secret Service arrested Abdullahi Mustapha Berende and Saheed Oluremi Adewumi. They are accused of being members of a high-profile terrorist network that was planning attacks against their own country.

The alleged cell was not named in the indictment.

Berende is accused of traveling to Iran to help with material assistance and training of terrorists in the use of firearms, explosives and other weapons.

He is also accused of knowing about a pending attack against the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center, but did not notify police.