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Teen arrested after conspiring with men to rape her friend

By Mason White 2:32 AM August 30, 2013
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By: Sarah Weiss
A teen was arrested and charged with a conspiracy related charges after she conspired with five men to rape her friend, according to police reports in Israel.

Israel Police said that a woman, 18, of central Israel, was arrested this week on suspicion of soliciting five men to rape her 22-year-old friend.

Police said on Thursday that after the two went out for the night, the 18-year-old contacted a group of men, brought her friend to where they were staying, and watched, as the men were raping her friend.

Police are still searching for the men and they will be charged with rape related charges.

The victim told police that she was drugged before the men began to rape her. The defense attorney of the suspect claims that the sexual encounter was consensual. He said that the two women often went to parties, used drugs, and participated in group sex.

Police said that the woman was charged with conspiracy to commit rape and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Police also told the court that the suspect tried to obstruct the investigation by calling one of the rapist and telling him that the police are looking for him.