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Man arrested after dealing drugs to taxi driver during trip

By Mason White 2:58 AM August 30, 2013
The drugs found on the suspect 

By: John Roberts
A man was arrested and charged with distribution of illegal drugs related charges after he allegedly sold drugs while traveling in a taxi to the driver, according to police reports in Israel.

Eilat Police said that an indictment was filed on Tuesday, against a local man, 54, who was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of drug trafficking, after he carried out a drug transaction while traveling in an official taxi.

The suspect entered the taxi and sold the driver some hashish. The suspect received for 2,220 shekels for the drugs and was arrested by a team of detectives following intelligence information.

After obtaining a search warrant, the police searched the suspect’s home, where they found 450 grams of hashish.

Prosecutors charged the man with drug trafficking offenses and with possession of drugs with intent to sell. Prosecutors demanded that the suspect be remanded to custody as he is considered a danger to the public.