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Sisters find more than 150,000 euros inside dead brother’s couch

By Mason White 7:22 AM August 30, 2013
Euro notes illustration 

By: David Ross
Three women were shocked to discover a stash of cash inside their dead brother’s couch, according to police reports in France.

The three sisters came to the French Police, and they handed over 156,000 euros they had found tucked into their brother’s couch. The found the stash when cleaning his apartment after his death.

The women came to France from Algeria last month in order to resolve their late brother’s estate. Their brother died earlier this month at the age of 61.

They found the cash, in 500 euro notes and 100 euro notes, stuffed under the mattress of a sofa bed inside his apartment located in the French city of Montpellier.

They also found a social security card and bank cards belonging to his father, who had died at age 80 in 1995.

The son did not reveal the death of his father and continued to draw his pension of 750 euros a month from the bank account of his father.

Investigators would like to know why the man had not spent any money. Police also praised the great honesty of the three sisters.