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Louisiana man arrested after driving drunk on lawnmower

By Mason White 10:04 AM August 30, 2013
Edward Duke 

By: Shifra Unger
A man was arrested and charged with drunken driving related charges after driving drunk on a lawn mower, according to police reports in Louisiana.

Terrebonne Parish Police said that a 60-year-old local man was arrested for drunk driving after a police car nearly crashed into him on the road.

Police said they found Edward Duke driving along a road in Houma on a lawnmower without his lights on shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

He was arrested on charges of DWI and operating an unsafe vehicle after performing poorly on a field sobriety tests.
During the processing of his arrest, officers found an arrest warrant for Duke of a DWI charge six years ago in New Mexico.

He remained in the Terrebonne Parish jail.

This is not the first time a man was arrested for driving drunk on a lawnmower. As we reported earlier, a man in Houston, Texas, was arrested and charged for operating a lawnmower while drunk.

Charles Torres, 36, was arrested by police after he was seen driving erratically on his lawnmower on a local road. He was arrested and then released on bail.