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Tennessee sheriff punished after shooting at turkey because it relieved itself on his car

By Mason White 10:33 AM August 30, 2013

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A sheriff was punished after he used his gun in order to scare a turkey away from his patrol car, according to police reports in Tennessee.

Maury County Police Chief Deputy Nathan Johns said that Lieutenant Andy Jackson was reprimanded for firing his gun to scare away a turkey, which was hanging around his patrol car.

Jackson, who is the head of the Central Investigations Division of the department, was reprimanded after he admitted to firing his pistol into the air to ward off the turkey after it defecated on the hood of his patrol car outside the department’s detective division at 7:30 am.

“We do not allow the use of our weapons to scare animals away from our vehicles,” Johns said.

Sheriff Enoch George said that the sheriff who first reported the incident, Terry Chandler, was reassigned upon his own request, shortly after the incident, and he later resigned. George said that no punitive action was taken against Chandler.