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Uganda agrees to accept tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Israel

By Mason White 2:28 PM August 30, 2013
Police officer checks the status of black immigrant 

By: Sarah Weiss
Israel is set to deport tens of thousands of illegal immigrants after it struck a deal with Uganda.

Israel has agreed to finance the flights, which will carry the illegals to Uganda. The country will also pay the cost of their resettlement there, and will also give each person $1,500 in pocket money.

Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Saar told a parliamentary committee this week that a senior Israeli official had obtained the consent of Ugandan officials.

He said that the operation that will begin in late September, after the upcoming Jewish holidays.

Israeli immigration officials say there are about 55,000 illegal African immigrants in the country. Many came on foot through Egypt and slipped through the open border before Israel, which has since been sealed with a sophisticated system of electronic fences and walls.

Rising tensions over the increasing number of illegal immigrants erupted into violence in May, when a protest in south Tel Aviv turned ugly, with demonstrators vandalizing shops owned by Africans.