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Woman, 30, throws temper tantrum after husband wouldn’t take her to the lake

By Mason White 3:41 PM August 1, 2013
Whitney Mongiat with husband James 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A video of a grown woman throwing a temper tantrum has gone viral.

Whitney Mongiat, 30, is seen on video kicking and screaming in the front seat of a car.

Mongiat threw a tantrum because she wanted to go the lake, but her husband was unable to take her to the lake as he had other obligations.
In the video, while Mongiat is kicking and screaming, her husband James is heard explaining that she always gives him a hard time about fixing things around the house, and he was on the way to get supplies to do those chores.

Mongiat, who works as a nurse, said that her husband had promised to take her to the lake with some friends, but he changed his mind after they got into an argument.
Her husband James said he recorded the scene in Nashville, Tennessee, so he could show the world what he was going through with his wife of 14 months.

After the video went viral, Mongiat defended herself by saying that her breakdown was caused by him egging her on and that she felt she was being bullied. She also said she felt embarrassed after friends, family and coworkers had seen the video.

Interestingly enough, during her tantrum, Mongiat took out her cell phone and admitted to her husband that she was going to share her pain with her friends. “So you are going to make me look like the bad guy,” the husband is heard saying. “Yes because you are. You are not taking your wife out to the lake,” Mongiat replied while banging her fist.

When her husband shared his pain with friends and family through this video, she got pissed off. She ran away and reportedly wants a divorce.

James is standing by his claim that her actions seen on the video was an ongoing thing, which caused their marriage to fail after only 14 months.
He also said he had no regrets about posting the video online and that his friends support his actions.

The mother of the temper tantrum wife said that her daughter was “betrayed” by her husband. Beverly Jones said her daughter had been left humiliated by the video, which the mother claims was made secretly by her husband and posted on YouTube.
Jones said that her daughter had no idea she was being recorded and was blindsided when her husband put it on the internet.

During her tantrum, the wife is heard telling her husband: “everyone at work makes comments about you,” to which James calmly replied: “when they see this video they will understand.”

Well, how would her coworkers know about their marital problems if she did not share it with them.
Now, those same coworkers got to see the other side of the story.