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New application lets you share leftover restaurant food with strangers

By Mason White 3:42 PM August 1, 2013
Leftover food illustration 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) Do you want restaurant food without paying for it? “The Leftover Swap” application will help you do just that.

Have you ordered too much food at an expensive restaurant and you feel bad that it will be thrown out? Don’t worry. Leftover Swap will find someone who wants it.

In the coming weeks, the Leftover Swap application will be available to download for free. When you have leftover food that you no longer want, just snap a photo of the leftovers and publish it to Leftover Swap. Other Leftover Swap users will be notified and someone might come and get the food.

Leftover Swap co founder Dan Newman admits: “It’s obviously not for everybody, many people seemingly have a problem with it, but there are people who love the idea.”

Leftover food no longer has to end up in the landfill, less fossil fuel is used, and people will feel less pressured to finish the food they no longer want as they can just give it away to someone who is in need.

While waiting for the release of the application, health officials in San Francisco, California are warning people that it is illegal to sell food to others without a licence. As long as you give away the food for free you’re good, but if someone decides to charge for the leftovers then they could face a fine for selling food without a licence.

Health officials are also reminding people that regardless of how elegant and clean the restaurant is the food could have been handled by a consumer with bad hygiene standards. Just consider yourself warned and enjoy the free food.