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Woman fined by court for loud sex that caused neighbors to have sleepless nights

By Mason White 3:43 PM August 1, 2013
Gemma Walker 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A woman was fined by the court after neighbors complained that she was being too loud, especially during sex.

Gemma Walker, 31, of Middlesbrough, England, became the neighbor of hell, the court heard. She disturbed the peace of her neighbors with her loud noises.

Neighbors took Walker to court after they have recorded her having numerous loud sex sessions. They also recorded loud music, shouting and swearing. Neighbors, Ian Nicholls, and his wife Susan, said they suffered stress and sleepless nights since Walker moved in.

This is not the first time that the neighbors went to court. Several months ago a judge issued a noise abatement order for Walker after neighbors told the court they were unable to relax or sleep in their own home due to walker’s noise.

Walker was repeatedly warned on several occasions and was made aware that she could face sanctions for breach of the order.
But her failure to comply with the order was recorded six times in less than three months. Her loud lovemaking sessions were recorded and handed over to prosecutors.

At first, Walker, who is a single mother, denied the accusations that she was disturbing her neighbors, but then, changed her plea to guilty just before a trial was set to begin. Walker pleaded guilty to six counts of breach of the order, all of which were recorded.

The single mother, who is unemployed, and lives off government benefits, was ordered to pay fines of almost $2,000.
“I wish my life was so exciting that I was having sex all the time, but it is not,” Walker said.
“I’m a mother and I would not let my kids listen to that kind of thing,” she added.