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Man beats sister for bringing him McDonald’s meal instead of Chinese food

By Mason White 3:44 PM August 1, 2013
Luciano Vasquez-Marte 

By: John Roberts
A man was arrested for assault related charges after hitting his sister for bringing him the wrong food.

Instead of thanking his sister for buying him dinner, the unemployed man of Florida, hit her for buying a McDonald’s dinner instead of dinner from his favorite Chinese takeout.

According to officers, Luciano Vasquez-Marte, 23, became aggressive when her sister Luisanna, 21, got him dinner from McDonald’s, but he wanted Chinese food.

Luisanna told officers that her brother got in her face and began “yelling and screaming” at her in their home in Land O ‘Lakes, Florida. Feeling threatened, she pushed her brother.

Luciano then allegedly pushed her to the couch, and then used his fists to hit her several times in the head. Officers noted that Luisanna had marks on her head. Despite her injuries, Luisanna refused medical care, officers said.

Luciano told police that his sister brought him McDonald’s food even though she knows that he likes Chinese food from a local joint. He also said that his sister “was very disrespectful and began yelling at him about not liking what she got.”
Vasquez-Marte was booked into the county jail on a misdemeanor domestic assault charge.