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Girl drowns after water main bursts outside her home

By Mason White 12:49 PM August 2, 2013
The powerful water main break 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A busted water main break killed a 3-year-old girl after water flooded their house.

The girl drowned and their house was destroyed when the pipeline exploded outside their home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The city was left devastated after the water main break killed the young girl, injured 17 others and destroyed many homes.
Isabella Severo Dos Santos, 3, was named by local media as the girl, who drowned in the incident. In the video below you can see how the relentless water destroyed the Dos Santos family’s home.

Images were seen how a first responder walking through knee-high water carried little Isabela in her arms before she was rushed to the hospital.
The girl was unconscious when she was taken to the Rocha Faria State Hospital. Sadly, they were unable to save her life.

Fernando Dos Santos, Isabela’s father, said that he learned about the incident on television. He ran home to help, but emergency workers were already at the scene trying to save his daughter’s life.
“My daughter was going to turn four-years-old later this month. She was a wonderful child,” the father said.

The barrage of high pressure water has left a wave of destruction as it destroyed dozens of homes and swept away vehicles.

17 houses collapsed because of the flooding. Over 140 people were forced to leave their homes.
Firefighters had to use floating platforms to rescue people, who were trapped by rising flood waters.

The freak accident occurred in the poor district of Campo Grande, located in west Rio de Janeiro.
The powerful force from the main break shot water as high as 65 feet, flooding the area with 6 feet of water, which made the rescue efforts very difficult.
The cause of the ruptured pipe is still not clear.