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Montana woman sentenced to 10 years jail for having sex with boy, 13, who was in her care

By Mason White 8:00 PM August 3, 2013
Jenna Van Delden 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A woman will spend 10 years behind bars for having sex with an underage boy, who lived with her.

Jenna Van Delden, 25, slept with a 13-year-old up to 30 times over a period of four months.

The teenager ran away from his house and had been reported missing by his family. Police were tipped off that the boy was living with Delden at her home in Great Falls, Montana.

When police went to her house, they found the teen hiding under a bed. Van Delden was arrested. She was initially charged with harboring a runaway and custodial interference.
When she was released from prison, she contacted the boy and suggested that they run away together.

When police learned of the situation, they interviewed the teen, who admitted to having sex with the Van Delden. During interviews with detectives, the 13-year-old gave specific information about Van Delden’s body, which he could only have known if he had an intimate relationship with her.

Van Delden admitted to being in love with the 13-year-old. Her charges were upgraded to having sex with a minor.
Later, Van Delden pleaded guilty to the charges of having sex with a minor at a court in Great Falls.
She showed no emotion when she was sentenced to 10 years in prison without any recommendation for parole.

Judge Sandefur also ordered Van Delden to pay restitution of more than $4,000 and she has to register as a Level 1 sex offender, which indicates that she is at risk of reoffending.