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Man sentenced to jail after urinating on cases of soda at Tesco supermarket

By Mason White 5:19 PM August 4, 2013
Moses Gold 

By: Tesco illustration
A man was a jailed, and he was ordered to pay restitution after he urinated on soda instead of going to the bathroom.

Surveillance cameras caught 36-year-old Stephen Goldring, relieving himself on a pile of Coca Cola, which destroyed them all.

According to court documents, Goldring caused $365 in damage when he urinated on the pallet, which was stored in an aisle of the Tesco store in Swansea Marina, United Kingdom.

Prosecutor Lisa Jones said the defendant was seen on camera as he was shopping with his friends. He then left the group to find a quiet place at another aisle. “He unzipped his pants and urinated on the whole display of coke bottles. He then zipped up and wiped his hands on his pants. Finally, he went back to his friends,” she said.

He went with the group to the checkout counter where he paid for his purchases and he walked away as if nothing happened. “The items cannot be resold because they were completely soaked in urine,” the prosecutor said.

Attorney Matt Henson, who defended Goldring, said his client suffered from severe sciatica and the medication he was taking for the pain often causes a sudden urge to use the bathroom. His attorney claimed that while he was at Tesco, Goldring found himself desperately having to use the bathroom, and rather than the embarrassment of wetting himself in the store, he found a quiet place to relieve himself.

Goldring pleaded guilty to criminal damage. He was sentenced to two weeks in prison. He was also ordered to pay $365 in restitution to Tesco for the damage he caused.