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Thief, 20, blocks mother from Facebook because she humiliated him after a robbery

By Mason White 5:28 PM August 4, 2013
Charlie Cooper with his mother Teresa 

By: Shifra Unger
A man was humiliated by his own mother after he was arrested for stealing jewelry from a woman.

Charlie Cooper, 20, of Canterbury, England, was convicted of stealing over $2,000 worth of jewelry from a house that belonged to Vandra Henderson while he was working with his father to clean her home.

When the local paper reported the story and posted his photo, Cooper was angry and claimed that it violated his human rights.
He posed a message on their Facebook page demanding compensation for violating his human rights.

In the post he wrote: “Well done guys. I have to watch my back every time I go out now. Thanks to the idiots, I’m getting threats left, right and center. I know what I did was wrong, but you didn’t ask me if you could take a picture of me and put it in the papers. I know the public has a right to know, but I have my human rights, and now they have been breached. Thanks guys, well done.”

His mother, Teresa, responded to his remarks by telling him he didn’t have the right to complain as he had committed the crime.
Cooper’s mother wrote on his Facebook page: “They do not need your permission to take your picture as the courts has given them permission to take it.”

The 20-year-old thief replied: “They do. I don’t want my picture taken. End of.”
His mother was not having any of it and said that he should have thought about it before he stole the jewelry in the first place.

The mother replied: “That lady didn’t want her jewelry taken, but you did it anyway. End of.”
This got Cooper very upset, as his mother humiliated him on Facebook for all his friends to read. This prompted Cooper to block his mother from his Facebook.

He wrote: “Mom, you say things like that, I’m blocking you ok.”
But his mother had the last word before being blocked from his Facebook. “Its the truth charlie. You don’t like the truth,” she wrote. His mother went on to explain that her son has to realize that his actions have consequences.

Cooper was ordered to do 240 hours of community service. He must also pay $2,300 in compensation to Henderson.