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Indiana kids catch ‘pedophile’ after he kidnapped their 6-year-old friend

By Mason White 5:37 PM August 4, 2013
Caleb Cooper 

By: Debbi Gross
Police were called to an apartment building after children were seen banging on an apartment door claiming that their friend was kidnapped and taken inside the apartment.

The group of young children in Indiana are credited with saving a 6-year-old from a suspected pedophile, who abducted the girl from the playground.

Caleb Cooper, 19, of New Castle, was arrested after the neighborhood kids led police to his apartment, claiming that he took the girl to his house after he promised to show her his new kitten. The kids followed Cooper as he led the girl to his house.

They waited at the door, but Cooper would not let them enter to see the kitten. He only took the 6-year-old girl with him. The children then knocked on other doors in the building and asked people to help. A neighbor called police.

When police arrived, the police allegedly found the little girl completely nude in Cooper’s bedroom. They also found a kitten in the apartment.
As he was led away by police, Cooper was heard saying: “I’m so stupid! I can’t believe I got caught doing this again.”

Cooper was advised of his right to remain silent and that anything he said can be used against him in court, but he kept talking.
He revealed that he had been charged in the past with a sexual crime for an incident that took place when he was 14-years-old. That incident involved a sexual encounter with another child.

Cooper was charged with criminal confinement and child abuse. He was booked into the Henry County Jail where he was being held on $10,000 cash bond.