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Mom-to-be spends $4,500 on pink baby essentials then gives birth to baby boy

By Mason White 6:30 PM August 5, 2013
Sarah Sharples and her baby 

By: Shifra Unger
A couple was looking forward to welcoming their first daughter.

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, a doctor told Sarah Sharples that she was expecting a girl.

The woman got everything ready and set up the bedroom for their daughter, including a fully decorated pink bedroom with the name Lily-Mae, the name they have chosen for their daughter.
The first time mother has spent $4,500 in pretty pink clothing and essentials for the baby.

Sharples, 25, who lives in Blyth, Northumberland, England, with her husband, Lee, 37, got ready for her newborn daughter. She spent about $750 on pink clothes, $1,500 on pink nursery furniture, $1,300 on a pink carriage and other basic items such as baby bottles and baby bath, all in traditional girly colors.

But when Sharples went into premature labor at 36 weeks, she and Lee were surprised when the doctor announced that she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.
When Sharples found out she was pregnant, she and Lee decided they wanted to know the sex of the baby so they could be fully prepared. They even got custom blankets as gifts from family and friends.

Sharples said: “The midwife told Lee that there was something we needed to see. Immediately, I started to panic thinking what could be wrong. She then said she wanted to congratulate us on the birth of our son.”

Now, Sarah and Lee are adapting the room to make it more suitable for their new son, Joseph.
“We looked at each other and could not believe that Lily-Mae was actually a boy. We decided to name him Joseph, and I do not think he would appreciate the name Lily-Mae,” she added.