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U.S. band banned from Russia after member shoves Russian flag into underpants during stage performance

By Mason White 1:06 PM August 6, 2013
Band member puts Russian flag in underpants 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) U.S. band members tried to the entertain their audience during a performance in Russia.

While they did a good job with their music, they did a bad job when it came to honoring the Russian flag.

The U.S. rock group “Bloodhound Gang” have been banned from a music festival in Russia after a band member desecrated the Russian flag.

During a concert in Odessa, Ukraine, bass guitarist “Evil” Jared Hasselhoff, grabbed a Russian flag, shoved it into his underpants, and pulled it out from his backside. He then threw the flag at the crowd as the audience erupted in cheers.
Many Russians were offended by this action.

The band later apologized and explained the motivation of the guitarist, saying he was only trying to “appease the fans.” However, the rocker’s prank has cost the band more than they expected, and could even lead to legal prosecution in Russia. Desecrating the flag is actually a crime in that country.

When the group arrived the their next concert in the South Russian city of Anapa to the KUBANA music festival, they were told that their concert was canceled and they were banned from performing in Russia. The band was reportedly paid the agreed upon price even though they did not perform.

The minivan taking them back to the airport was reportedly pelted with eggs and tomatoes. Several men reportedly broke into the VIP section of the airport and attacked the band members. One of the attackers allegedly tried to strangle one of the band members with a U.S. flag.