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Sexy underwear for smartphones becomes hot item

By Mason White 6:29 PM August 7, 2013

By: Eva Fett
A company has revealed a line of sexy underwear, which covers the smartphone’s bottom.

Interestingly enough, the SmartPants became a hot item in Japan. The line of underwear can also be purchased on the internet.

There are plenty of smartphone cases out there, but most of them don’t protect the phone’s home button. That’s where the stylish smartphone panties comes in. The silicone panties stretch over the base of the smartphones covering its “private parts”.

These bold accessories were made in Japan by the largest toy manufacturer in the world, Bandai.
Although it lacks functionality, and in fact it makes it difficult to plug-in the phone charger, nevertheless, Japanese teenagers like the SmartPants. They quickly snatched up the product when it hit the market.

Following the success of the SmartPants, Bandai has launched a new range of underwear with different kinds of patterns. The SmartPants are available in men’s and women’s underwear, and they come in many styles and colors, from bikinis to jocks and briefs.

The SmartPants were made to fit most smartphone models. It works with many standard phones such as the iPhone or similar sized Android phones, among other phones.

This product is being sold in vending machines across Japan. They are available online at J-Box. SmartPants sells for $5.50 each. If you want to change the phone’s panty everyday, you can buy a set of seven in different styles for $38.50.
This product might not be very useful, but it might make you stand out with the girls.