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Sophisticated Twitter hotel caters to social media addicts

By Mason White 6:37 PM August 7, 2013
Social Wave hotel 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A hotel chain opened their first social media themed hotel.

The hotel is dedicated to people, who love social media.

Are you a social media junkie, who cannot stop texting even when on vacation? You might enjoy a stay at the world’s first Twitter-themed hotel, which is located in Magaluf, Spain. An increasing number of social media addicts around the world have inspired Melia Hotels International, Spain’s leading hotel chain, to create the Twitter hotel.

Guests interact with staff and other tourists through tweets. #SocialWave is a virtual community accessible from your WiFi via smartphone, tablet or computer. Guests can use #SocialWave to connect with other tourists, chat, share photos and even flirt by sending virtual kisses.

There is a special hashtag for almost everything, and two Twitter Concierges are always standing by to satisfy customer requests via Twitter and to generate virtual community conversations between hotel guests.

The hotel encourages guests to connect and share their hotel experience. Are you thirsty and finished all you drinks from your mini fridge? No problem. A sticker on the mini fridge reads: “Thirsty? Tweet Us #FillMyFridge.”

The bathroom mirrors give social media addicts a chance to win an extra week at the hotel. All they need to do to enter is to take a photo of themselves and tweet it with the hashtag “#suitcontest”.

The bathroom mirror has large mustache stickers, which invites tourists to take funny photos with the mustache and share it with others.
This is the perfect place for people, who are very involved in their social media life, and for people, who are looking for new experiences.