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Woman kills neighbor’s baby with boiling water in fight over $1 debt

By Mason White 6:40 PM August 7, 2013
Boiling water illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
In a very tragic incident, a woman burned her neighbor’s baby during a fight over money.

The 6-month-old baby died when she was scalded with boiling water by a neighbor, who accused the baby’s mother of not paying a debt of $1.

Police spokesperson Emanuel Mahoko said that police have arrested 33-year-old Tracy Ngoni and charged her with murder for allegedly killing the baby with boiling water. The incident occurred Sunday at the Gutsaruzhinji Village, in Zimbabwe.

According to police, on the fateful day, the suspect, Ngoni, went over to Dorothy Ruvengo’s house and demanded payment of the $1 that Ruvengo owed​​ her. The baby’s mother said that she had no money. The suspect continued to insist that she wants her money right away.

The fight started when Ruvengo told Ngoni that she also lent her ​​$1 in the past, therefore, they are even and she owed her nothing. This suggestion was not well received by Ngoni, who became violent and she punched Ruvengo with her fists.

Ngoni then grabbed a pot of boiling water, which was on the fire and poured it over the 6-month-old, burning the baby, who was sleeping on the floor. The baby was badly burned, and she died the next day from her injuries.
Police have arrested Ngoni on murder charges. The investigation is still ongoing.