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Teacher kills boy, 9, by kicking him in the genitals

By Mason White 6:51 PM August 7, 2013
kicking man in groin illustration 

By: John Roberts
A boy was hospitalized with swollen genitals after he was kicked by a teacher.

Now, police are investigating an incident of a boy, who died, after a teacher kicked him in the genitals.

A Zimbabwe police spokesperson in the Midlands Province, confirmed the incident, which occurred in Gwada Village.
9-year-old Shoronga Ronaldo, sustained injuries after being kicked by a teacher at the Sawi Primary School.
The boy was taken to the Gokwe District Hospital where he died.

It all started when Ronaldo walked on the school property with his twin brother. The boys had taken a herd of cattle through the schoolyard when one of the animals pulled a jacket, which was hanging on a line to dry. The twin brothers were on their way to the Sengwa River.

When the owner of the jacket, Josephine Mahayedwa, who is a teacher at school, realized that his jacket is missing, he ran after the boys. “When he caught up with the boys and realized that his jacket is on one of the animals, that’s when he began beating the brothers. He also kicked Ronaldo in the private parts,” police said.

When the boys came home, Ronaldo complained of pain in his private parts. When Ronaldo continued to complain of pain in his private parts, his parents took him to the Gokwe District Hospital.

The child died at the hospital. He was buried on Saturday. The matter came to light during the funeral when the boy’s mother, Florence Gwada, indicated that the child died after he was hurt by Mahayedwa, police said.
Zimbabwe police exhumed the body of the 9-year-old to perform an autopsy. Mahayedwa is facing murder charges.