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Company offers job to thief who robbed them

By Mason White 2:39 PM August 9, 2013
Charles Moyle 

By: Moses Gold
A company had decided to hire a man, who robbed their business.

The thief, who was jailed after robbing a Worcester, United Kingdom business in broad daylight, now has a job waiting for him when he gets out of jail.

In an extraordinary display of forgiveness, the thief, who stole computer equipment from Grass Roots Live in Worcestershire, was given a second chance by his victim as part of a restorative justice scheme.
Grass Roots Live is a company which helps people arrange their events. “We have been creating successful events for over 25 years,” the company’s website states.

Charles Moyle, managing director of the event company, said that they have decided to give the thief a second chance.
The thief, known only as Steve, 20, is serving a prison sentence for another crime, but decided to confess to the theft of the unresolved case under the rehabilitation program of West Mercia Police.

The rehabilitation program gives prisoners the opportunity to confess to crimes without being prosecuted for it. They get a chance to reach out to their victims before making amends in a way chosen by the victim, police said.
The program has been a great success. Prisoners have admitted to 66 burglaries and six other crimes.

Moyle met the thief in prison and decided to give him a second chance in life. Steve will start working at the company after he is released from prison.
When Steve spoke with his future boss in prison he said: “I know I have to earn your trust and I know there will be plenty of people who think you’re crazy for taking a risk on me, but I will prove them wrong.”