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After 48 years kidnaped baby who was reunited with parents found not to be their child

By Mason White 2:48 PM August 9, 2013
Paul Joseph Fronczak 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A man is looking for answers, and his family is looking for their biological son after a shocking DNA test revealed that he is not their biological son.

It all began in Chicago, Illinois, in 1964, when Paul Joseph Fronczak was kidnaped after he was born by a woman, who posed as a nurse, at the Michael Reese Hospital. The woman was never caught.

Just over a year later, a baby was found abandoned outside a variety store in Newark, New Jersey. The abandoned baby was believed to be the kidnapped baby Paul Joseph Fronczak, and he was reunited with his family in Chicago.

Fronczak, 49, is a married man and a father to a 4-year-old girl. He works as a college administrator and he lives in Henderson, Nevada.
Fronczak said that he had always wondered why he did not look like his parents, Chester and Dora Franczak. He decided to put his mind at ease and took a DNA test. That’s when he discovered that he was not their biological son.

The FBI announced that they are reopening the 1964 cold case of the kidnapped baby. “We will be going back to interview witnesses and take a good look at the physical evidence. We want to see if the case could benefit by modern technology that was not available at the time of the initial investigation,” FBI spokesperson Joan Hyde said.

This findings were shocking. Not only to Franczak, but also to the family, who raised him as their own child, believing that he was their son. “My parents raised me, and they did a great job. I want to help them find their biological son,” he said.

He is also trying to find out who he really is. He wants to find his own biological heritage, and he wants to know why he was abandoned by his biological mother. He wants answers for himself and for the sake of his daughter.