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SeaWorld Orlando veterinarians perform first ever Caesarean section on shark

By Mason White 2:57 PM August 9, 2013
Caesarian section on shark 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A historic event took place at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, as a shark gave birth to babies through Caesarean section.

When a shark was showing signs of distress during its pregnancy, veterinarians decided to try to perform a Caesarean section on the shark in order to help it and to save its babies.

The SeaWorld veterinarians announced that the Caesarean section was successfully completed. It was the first ever cesarean section done on a shark at the park.
Park officials have recently released the video, which they have recorded of the procedure. The procedure was done on a whitetip reef shark at Discovery Cove, SeaWorld’s sister park in Orlando.

A highly skilled team of veterinarians, who monitor animals at the park, noticed complication in the shark’s pregnancy six months into gestation, and determined that the procedure was necessary.
The shark gave birth to four healthy pups. Each baby weighs less than three pounds and is about two feet long.

Veterinarians are continuing to monitor the sharks’ progress. A park employee said they are eating well, growing nicely and behaving normally.
These sharks are not currently on display at Discovery Cove, but visitors can see other whitetip reef sharks.

Discovery Cove Orlando, in Florida, offers a more intimate experience with the animals. They limit the number of visitors to 1,300 people per day in order to provide a more hands-on experience for each visitor.
Guests are able to participate in the park’s signature 30-minute dolphin interaction as well as snorkel with tropical fish among other attractions.