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Florida mother and daughter arrested after offering 2-for-1 sex deal

By Mason White 7:46 PM August 10, 2013
Romona Ramoutar and Daniella Sinanan  

By: Eva Fett
In an attempt to make money, a mother and daughter decided to team up.

The two offered men a 2-for-1 sex deal where the men pay for one woman, and get two women in bed.

The mother, Romona Ramoutar, 43, and her daughter, Daniella Sinanan, 24, of Florida advertised their special deal on In its advertisement, the mother and daughter promised to “rock your world” with the “2-for-1 special.”

A police officer called the number listed for the women on the site and arranged to meet with the women, who advertised themselves as Jazmine and Angel. The officer negotiated with both women to have sex for the price of $160.

When the officer showed up at their apartment, he handed them $100. When they accepted the money, the officer said he had to go to his car to get the other $50 according to the police department. The officer then re-entered the apartment and arrested the women.

The officer said he believed Ramoutar and Sinanan resorted to prostitution in order to pay for their drug habits.
Police spokesperson Stephanie Slater said: “We don’t believe it’s a case of human trafficking, but rather a case of two people, who have an addiction to drugs and are participating in illegal activities to support their drug activity.”

Tuesday’s arrest is the second time in the last couple of weeks that Ramoutar and Sinanan have been arrested for prostitution.
The women were charged with soliciting prostitution and possession of drug paraphernalia after an officer found a glass pipe and needles in their apartment.