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Woman arrested for stabbing McDonald’s customer in the behind

By Mason White 7:45 PM August 10, 2013
Rebecca Simmons 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down foe video) A woman became angry after a man cursed at her as she tried to cut in front of him.

The woman was so angry that she grabbed a knife and stabbed the man in the behind.

The incident happened at a McDonald’s drive through in Riverview, Florida. Rebecca Simmons, 45, went to get her breakfast at McDonald’s at about 9:20 am. She was apparently in a rush and tried to cut in front of Mohammad Abukhder, 35, of Lakeland.

Abukhder was not going to take it quietly, according to Simmons he shouted obscenities at her. In response, Simmons exited her car with a knife and stabbed the hood of Abukhder’s 2000 Honda Civic, causing approximately $200 in damage.

Abukhder came out of his car, and walked over to Simmons’ car. He tried to remove the keys from Simmons’ car so she could not leave before police arrived. Simmons followed Abukhder to her car and stabbed him in the behind. Thankfully, he was not seriously hurt and the small puncture wound did not require medical attention.

Simmons was arrested at the scene. She was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief with property damage.