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Oregon couple faces charges after having oral sex on airplane

By Mason White 5:19 PM August 11, 2013
Christopher Martin and Jessica Stroble 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A couple was heading to Las Vegas, Nevada when they decided to start their vacation on the airplane.

Although people claim “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” seems like the airplane ride to Las Vegas is not counted as being in Vegas.

Charges have been filed against two passengers on a Allegiant Air flight that flew from Oregon to Las Vegas, after passengers complained about the couple having oral sex in full view of passengers including children.

According to the criminal complaint, Christopher Martin and Jessica Stroble flew from Medford, Oregon, to Las Vegas, Nevada,
on Allegiant Air flight 557, when the alleged incident happened.

Charges were filed against Stroble, who is a salon worker, and Martin, who is an owner of a vineyard, after a passenger who sat across the aisle told police that the woman performed oral sex on the man twice during their one and a half hour flight.

After other people came forward and complained about the couple’s behavior, police were notified.
Upon landing, Martin and Stroble were escorted off the plane and questioned by Las Vegas police.

The complaint alleges that Stroble “performed oral sex and manually stimulated the genitals of a male passenger sitting in the window seat next to her.” In a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, the couple were charged with engaging in “lewd, indecent, and obscene acts on an airplane.”

When asked about her relationship with Martin, Stroble did not want to give any details about their relationship. The only thing she revealed was that they were not married.
If convicted, they each face up to 90 days in jail and a fine.