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California man turns dumpster into fully functional home

By Mason White 4:59 PM August 11, 2013
Gregory Kloehn with his dumpster house 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) People are always looking for ways to save money. One man made himself an apartment out of a garbage dumpster.

Gregory Kloehn of California has converted a $2,000 dumpster into a fully functional house, complete with a bathroom, bedding and kitchen.

Kloehn, who is a designer, made himself a small house in Brooklyn, New York, so he can have a cheap place to stay when he visits New York.
Kloehn added wheels to the bottom of the dumpster so he can transport it more easily. He carved out a door on the side for easy entry and exit.

For drinking water, he installed a six gallon water tank on the “roof”. The same water is then channeled into the small bathroom and it is ready for use. The toilet is hidden underneath one of the seats. When he need to use the bathroom he simply picks up the seat and there it is. The water is also connected to an outdoor shower, which has a functional shower curtain for privacy.

The interior is insulated with black-and-red padding and features a small seating area which is also used as the bed.
The small kitchen occupies one corner of the dumpster. It has a microwave, a small oven, both running on electricity, and he also has a sink.

A small grill can be attached to the outside of the dumpster. On the “roof”, an umbrella provides some shade for outdoor or “rooftop” lounging.
If he wants to get some extra sunlight in the interior, he can raise the retractable “roof” to expose two windows which let the light in.