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South Carolina man arrested after causing $1 damage to neighbor’s car

By Mason White 5:09 PM August 11, 2013
Christopher Brannon 

By: Debbi Gross
A toasted bread with butter landed a man in jail.

A man was arrested on property damage related charges after he caused $1 in damages to his neighbor’s car.

Christopher Brannon, 34, of South Carolina was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly smeared a bread with butter on his neighbor’s SUV.
Brannon’s neighbor called police and reported that she saw Brannon wiping something on the back windshield of her SUV.

She also told police that when she went to get a closer look as to what Brannon did to her car she he discovered “a film of grease on the glass and a piece of toast with butter on the floor nearby.”
Officers responded to the scene and Brannon was arrested by Union County police officers.

The incident caused an estimated $1 in damages. It was unclear what prompted Brannon to smear buttered toast on the SUV.
The police report did not reveal a motive for the crime.

Brannon was charged with malicious damage to property. He was later released from jail on his own recognizance.
Many people were quick to criticize the police department for using valuable resources and taxpayer money to arrest a man for something so minor.